Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have You Ever Been Too Busy to Get Anything Done?

I was recently reading a blog of a lady who writes some pretty cool sci-fi/fantasy novels and she was asked when she was coming out with her next book. Her reply was that it wasn't written yet and that she had just been too busy to get anything done! It made me think about how easy it is to get all tied up with all sorts of things and let others slide by the wayside. Not an excuse for not keeping up with the blog, but a decision to get back to it.....

Monday afternoon was our May JAM meeting at Tiffany's; the only people there were Tiffany, Dawna and me. I didn't have anything done, but the other two have been busy:

Dawna loves triangles and this is a block from one of the quilts she is working on.....the half-square triangle in the upper right hand corner forms a pinwheel when combined with three other blocks.

She's also doing a couple of machine embroidered quilts; the closeup below shows how some of the stitches are cut after the embroidery is done to give a three dimensional effect.

This is a crazy quilt that Dawna is making; the crazy quilting, as well as the quilting done in the outside triangles, are all done in the embroidery hoop.

This is Tiffany's latest; all pieced and ready for her to take off the wall and quilt. When Tiffany is not at the machine or designing new quilts for her company, Needle in a Hayes Stack, she likes to do hand applique. She mostly does this in the evening, hanging out with her family.

I had found a pattern I liked in the April 2011 issue of Better Homes & Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting called "Posey Patch". If you have the magazine, the pattern starts on page 23. I liked the piecing, but asked Tiffany if she could design (and stitch!) an applique pattern on the blocks that I liked better.

This is what she came up with -- I LOVE IT!

She had three out of the four blocks finished on Monday and will give me the fourth when Dan and I get home from Connecticut next week -- then I can finish piecing the rest of the quilt.

We were supposed to leave today for a trip to Hartford CN for the wedding of some dear friends, but weather in the midwest caused many plane cancellations, including ours. So we are leaving tomorrow instead -- looking for the silver lining, it gave me an extra day to pack and get a lot of other things done, including write this blog post!

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  1. haha yes! I'm too busy to get anything done right now!! (I also have a tendency to procrastinate when I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing is the "right" way to do something)


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