Monday, June 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #14

My Stitch Fix arrived over the weekend and I had to work the puzzle of what to keep and what to return. Everything was pretty reasonably priced and, as I fondled the fabrics, the items were of good quality, too.

One thing I thought was odd: so far I think I have purchased every pair of pants and skirts they have sent me, so why no bottom pieces in this Fix?

This was a top that I had put on Pinterest as one I wanted to try on, but I didn't notice that it had a fuller cut and a bottom band.

Verdict: Return

My very favorite of the Fix. The lining is white with tiny black polka dots that show when the sleeves are rolled up. Looks great with my White House Black Market white jeans and striped tank.

Verdict: Keep

I love this sheer floral print with the included camisole, but the blouse has a front pleat that made it way too full in the stomach area for me.

Solution one: Grab something cute out of the belt drawer (said drawer being one component of Accessory Hell).

Solution two: a messy front tuck in that my friend Linda calls a "half tuck". We have similar silhouettes and she likes this look a lot.

Verdict: Keep  

The top on the left was, again, too full for my body and too short to employ either of the prior two solutions.

Verdict: Return

I was sort of undecided about the dress on the right, so I put it on and showed my husband. He said one word -- matronly -- and I couldn't get it off fast enough!

Verdict: Return

As part of the check out process, I asked my stylist for white skinny jeans and no more flowy, full tops. And maybe another maxi skirt...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Southern California Quilters Run -- Bolts in the Bathtub, Lancaster CA

The Southern California run was on from Thursday through Sunday this weekend and then again next weekend, the last of June.  I find it unthinkable that it is almost July already -- where the heck is the time going?

Sunday afternoon I stopped into Bolts in the Bathtub, my local quilt shop, to see what was going on run-wise.  The store theme was Alice in Wonderland, so down the rabbit hole I went!

Everyone was greeted with "Happy Unbirthday!" which only makes sense!

All things cute and Alice were displayed.......

...including a Cheshire cat!

Dawna Harrison, co-owner of Bolts, brought in a chandelier from home and decorated it for the event.  I asked her if she was going to put it up in her house that way and she said "Yes! It's so much more fun this way!"

Here's a closeup -- look at all the pretty tea cups and ornaments!  Love it!

I absolutely had to come into the shop because Dawn Sammons had driven over from her home in Nevada to work in the store as extra help for the run.  Before her move out of state, Dawn had worked as my hands-on assistant for about 10 years.  She sewed backings, pressed up quilts, did all my pinning (boy, do I miss her if only for the pinning part!) and binding and all the things except the actual machine quilting.  She made my work easy and I was really spoiled when she worked with me!

A picture of us together -- I was so happy to see her!

And a picture of Dawn and Dawna -- they're both pronounced the same.  I've threatened to put Dawna's "a" in parentheses....

There are 38 stores in the run (I think -- I know it's somewhere in the 30's) from Lancaster to San Diego to Palm Springs to the coast.  It's broken into 4 areas and there are area prizes as well as prizes for completing the entire run.  Going on all next weekend from Thursday to Saturday, June 25-28, so if you're feeling like a road trip....

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quilt Market Revisited

The other cool thing about Quilt Market is that I get to connect with lots of colleagues -- some of which I am lucky enough to count as my "real" friends vs "facebook" friends.  One of these is Angie Stevenson, owner of Lunch Box Quilts.  I love Angie's style and how she combines applique and embroidery and makes these wonderful quilts using the embroidery features of her domestic machines. 

I had admired Sew Vintage when I saw it at Quilt Market last fall in Houston and Angie gave me the pattern -- yay! -- along with...

the embroidered recipe towel pattern -- there are some very yummy recipes included here!

And her brand new pattern, Wilderness Wildlife.  I love the little patchwork blocks that are also done in the embroidery hoop!  And the deer!  And the moose(s)?!  It's all so fun and makes me wish I had a cabin in the woods. 

I am currently working on one of Angie's previous patterns called Ooh La La -- it has the Eiffel Tower, a poodle, and many other Paris inspired motifs.  My local quilt shop and BERNINA dealer, Bolts in the Bathtub, had a completed Ooh La La displayed in the store made by Peggy Vachon, who works there.  Peggy's was done in completely different colors from the original pattern and was stunning, but I'm going with the pink, black and white -- of course!!

I've been traveling -- I taught my Fluff & Stuff class in Idaho Falls, ID on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday was my transition day to get to Boise, where I taught the same class Thursday and Friday.  I flew home yesterday, get to swap suitcases (from work mode to play mode) and leave again.  I have definitely been bitten by the travel bug!

Friday, June 12, 2015

I Love My Job...

Took a walk along the Snake River next to my hotel earlier this week.  It was a gorgeous evening with a lot of people out walking, running and biking the path.  Even the Ducks were enjoying the great weather and warm temperature!

I love this unusual seating!  Look at this fish and this tree and this snake - so cool and so creative!

And back at my hotel... A diagonal grid on the carpet and stippling on the bed frame -- does somebody think a quilter is staying here?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One Beautiful Quilt

This is Kay Stricklin Haveman!  Kay took a class from me in Denton TX and did an excellent job – what a beautiful quilt.  I’m so happy she learned techniques that she can take home in her mental “tool box” and use on her long arm!

Some fun bits about Kay...

I've been quilting about 7 years since my good friend took me to the Houston Quilt Festival and got me completely hooked. About 2 years ago I decided I really needed a long arm machine and I am in love. This was my first trapunto project. I loved the class and learned so much from Paula. I will definitely be using this in some future projects. Thanks for the fun class!

And Kay's beautiful quilt...

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