Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Southern California Quilters Run -- Bolts in the Bathtub, Lancaster CA

The Southern California run was on from Thursday through Sunday this weekend and then again next weekend, the last of June.  I find it unthinkable that it is almost July already -- where the heck is the time going?

Sunday afternoon I stopped into Bolts in the Bathtub, my local quilt shop, to see what was going on run-wise.  The store theme was Alice in Wonderland, so down the rabbit hole I went!

Everyone was greeted with "Happy Unbirthday!" which only makes sense!

All things cute and Alice were displayed.......

...including a Cheshire cat!

Dawna Harrison, co-owner of Bolts, brought in a chandelier from home and decorated it for the event.  I asked her if she was going to put it up in her house that way and she said "Yes! It's so much more fun this way!"

Here's a closeup -- look at all the pretty tea cups and ornaments!  Love it!

I absolutely had to come into the shop because Dawn Sammons had driven over from her home in Nevada to work in the store as extra help for the run.  Before her move out of state, Dawn had worked as my hands-on assistant for about 10 years.  She sewed backings, pressed up quilts, did all my pinning (boy, do I miss her if only for the pinning part!) and binding and all the things except the actual machine quilting.  She made my work easy and I was really spoiled when she worked with me!

A picture of us together -- I was so happy to see her!

And a picture of Dawn and Dawna -- they're both pronounced the same.  I've threatened to put Dawna's "a" in parentheses....

There are 38 stores in the run (I think -- I know it's somewhere in the 30's) from Lancaster to San Diego to Palm Springs to the coast.  It's broken into 4 areas and there are area prizes as well as prizes for completing the entire run.  Going on all next weekend from Thursday to Saturday, June 25-28, so if you're feeling like a road trip....

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