Monday, June 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #14

My Stitch Fix arrived over the weekend and I had to work the puzzle of what to keep and what to return. Everything was pretty reasonably priced and, as I fondled the fabrics, the items were of good quality, too.

One thing I thought was odd: so far I think I have purchased every pair of pants and skirts they have sent me, so why no bottom pieces in this Fix?

This was a top that I had put on Pinterest as one I wanted to try on, but I didn't notice that it had a fuller cut and a bottom band.

Verdict: Return

My very favorite of the Fix. The lining is white with tiny black polka dots that show when the sleeves are rolled up. Looks great with my White House Black Market white jeans and striped tank.

Verdict: Keep

I love this sheer floral print with the included camisole, but the blouse has a front pleat that made it way too full in the stomach area for me.

Solution one: Grab something cute out of the belt drawer (said drawer being one component of Accessory Hell).

Solution two: a messy front tuck in that my friend Linda calls a "half tuck". We have similar silhouettes and she likes this look a lot.

Verdict: Keep  

The top on the left was, again, too full for my body and too short to employ either of the prior two solutions.

Verdict: Return

I was sort of undecided about the dress on the right, so I put it on and showed my husband. He said one word -- matronly -- and I couldn't get it off fast enough!

Verdict: Return

As part of the check out process, I asked my stylist for white skinny jeans and no more flowy, full tops. And maybe another maxi skirt...

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