Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I'm Working On

I knew I wanted to make this quilt when I first saw it on Pinterest. It was credited to Camille Roskelley; I bought her book "Simplify", but this quilt wasn't there, so I decided that the piecing was simple enough I could probably wing it.

Had a layer cake and a jelly roll of this very pretty line from Wilmington plus a white Moda jelly roll -- totally ready to go!

Each block measures 14" before the sashing to make the plus signs is sewn on; I made 30 blocks to set 5x6 and then decided that would be bigger than I wanted. Picked out my 10 least favorite blocks, set them aside and arranged the 20 keepers 4x5. As it is, with a 1-1/2" finished pink border and a 6" border of the butterfly print it will finish out at about 75"x91".

I'll get the rest of the border on tonight and then finish piecing the back -- started with a panel from the same line and added 8 of the 10 blocks taken from the quilt. I don't love it enough to make it into a standalone quilt, but it will be an interesting back! I tossed it over the stair rail, so here's a pic of the bottom half. I'll take better pictures tomorrow.

Do you love pieced backs? Or is it too much work? I'd love to hear what you think!

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