Thursday, April 20, 2017

Country Traditions Redux

Disclaimer:  The lateness of this post is not in any way reflective of the speed with which Country Traditions got this order to me.  I had the box about a week after I ordered but I've been so busy lately, it's just been sitting right near my machine waiting.  

I finally had time to open the box of yummy things I bought while teaching at Country Traditions!!!

Batik fabric and coordinating strips, a couple of jelly rolls, bat coasters (squeee!), a pattern for the heart quilt that was displayed on a bed near the front window, and a really nice note from Sarah, who helped me pull it all together. Sarah has this infectiously bubbly personality -- she was so fun to be around! One of those women I could totally get into major trouble with if I lived closer!

As I start taking things out, more is revealed:

Two books utilizing precuts -- I love precuts beyond all reason! -- and

This beautiful kit from Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero! Jeannie showed me the finished quilt in her booth at Market last year (you might know her as the designer of the Kaleidoscope quilt software).  She was so excited to show off her new "baby"! If it had been in this spectacular color way, I probably would have ordered it on the spot. But it was in pastels; pretty, but not wallet opening. I saw this at Country Traditions, though, and .....

Is it the same for you? Is it color that pushes your ultimate buying decision? Please share!

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