Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sew Sampler from the Fat Quarter Shop

While poking around the Fat Quarter Shop's website buying Alphabitties a couple of weeks ago, I saw their box of the month called Sew Sampler. I had tried Quilty Box for about a year and was ready for something new.

So what was in the April box?

Many things!

It's Sew Sampler's one year anniversary! Don't know how I missed it for a whole year...

The folding card on the right describes everything:

Two Sweet Treats from Moda (a 42 piece 3-1/2" square addition to their precut offerings) and a cute pattern to use them using the square in a square method.

A handle that attaches to a ruler for added stability while cutting -- that makes me wonder if it could be used to hang onto some of the Westalee quilting rulers I've been using. Note to self: Give that a try!

These wrap around thread spools to prevent tangling of loose ends.

A box of fine pins that you can evidently iron right over without melting. I don't think these are quite as fine as the patchwork pins I reviewed recently, but I'll check that out.

A cute tin box to corral supplies -- it's 5"x7", so could hold portable stuff like clips and needles for binding or thread for a project -- way cuter than a ZipLock! I will warn you, however, not to pack a metal box like this in your suitcase while traveling. It can aquire a career's worth of dents in one outing!

There was also a recipe card for a basket block, first in a series by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet. I took that over to my friend Dawna's yesterday because she LOVES her some baskets! Me, not so much...

Now I can't wait to try all this good stuff! Oh, wait, are there sale coupons???

This may be my new favorite quilting box! Thank you, Linda, for introducing me to the Fat Quarter Shop!


  1. I love getting the Sew Sampler box each month - great stuff!!!


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