Monday, September 28, 2015

Another One of My Favorite People on Craftsy!

Some of you really tease me about how often food appears on the blog and how much I like to cook -- and eat -- and it's true!  So I'm always looking through the Craftsy classes as new ones come up to see who's been enjoying themselves in the Craftsy kitchen for our benefit.

The one I just saw and downloaded is "Cook Smarter: Solutions for Weeknight Dinners" from Sara Moulton. Sara used to be the executive chef for Gourmet magazine when that was still in publication. I started reading and cooking from Gourmet when I was still barely into my twenties and was an avid Sara fan on Food Network. That was the channel I would turn on in the sewing room when I was doing all that machine quilting for customers for many years before I started traveling so much.

I loved watching Sara because she was very clear in her instructions and she was so cute with her guests on the show.  I say "cute" because she's maybe five foot tops and she was looking up at everybody while explaining things.  She's tiny, blonde, and reminds me of a Tinkerbell who can make great food!

HERE's a link to this class in case you might want to be a Sara fan, too!

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