Friday, January 22, 2016

A Great Day of Sewing at Home

It seems like usually when I'm at home I get stuck in an e-mail/phone/running to Fed Ex/running to USPS loop where I never get to the machine. But I made a commitment that I would continue working on the things I started at the retreat and Thursday was a sewing day.

I loved this quilt; loved the fabrics, loved the colors -- so I purchased a jelly roll of the Paper fabric from Moda and turquoise/teal (sort of) grunge fabric to make my own version.

The patten was in this magazine...

When I was teaching at Spool in Chattanooga in October, I found this great comic fabric and decided it would make a perfect border. So I made the quilt with fewer blocks (80 instead of 140) and will do a narrow turquoise border and then a wider border of the comics.

I got all of the blocks made Thursday --yay! And then laid out the blocks from the other project I worked on at the Pieceful Hearts retreat.

The quilt is actually bigger, but without standing on a ladder, I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing. Hoping to put it together next week!

Right now I'm in Denver at the Craftsy Instructor Summit hoping to learn many things about marketing, social media and better ways about promoting Batts in the Attic -- and me!!

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