Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stitch Fix #25

WOW! It doesn't seem like this is my 25th Fix, but since I have a stack of papers outlining what's contained in each Fix, I really can't deny it. I've seen other people review their Fixes and they seem to have a consistent stylist, but mine seem to swap around. Diana was my style person this time and it was sort of a mixed bag.

The first thing I tried on were the navy culottes with the suggested white eyelet blouse. I thought the outfit made me look dumpy even with the Coach wedges (also suggested -- well, not specifically Coach, but wedges) that I wear a lot in the summer. So I decided to tuck in the blouse and see if that improved the look.

Not an improvement, IMHO! The white blouse is definitely going back, but Diana did include an alternative that could also be worn with the culottes (I think I despise culottes, but I'll try anything once...)

Still dumpy! Culottes and second shirt go back to Stitch Fix. Two more items to try!

Think I'm going to really love this dress -- love the colors and the fit is good, so let's see what I have in my closet to wear with it!

Calvin Klein black cardigan is one option, especially if I want to wear the dress before Spring shows up.

Option #2 from White House Black Market -- love, love, love! In fact, I think I'll wear this outfit while I'm teaching in Orlando this weekend at Wandering Stitches -- will I see you there?

Stitch Fix hardly ever sends me accessories because I always send them back and this is no exception. It's cute, but I already have so much stuff....

Verdict on this Fix: One piece kept and four sent back. But I love the dress -- what do you think of everything they sent me? From what I have read, most people keep 2-3 pieces from each five piece selection and I usually do, too. Although I have had three or four Fixes over the past couple of years where I kept everything.

I like Stitch Fix because I live in an area where boutiques don't exist and it's Macy's or Dillard's for grown ups or Buckle and Papaya for the young adults, so getting clothes selected for me according to my profile and sent to my house where I can try them on with things I already own is AWESOME! If you are in a similar shopping desert (or if, like some of my friends, you just don't like to go out and shop) and you'd like to try Stitch Fix, there's a link on my sidebar.

Opinion time: Is the dress a major keeper? Should I not have sent the other stuff back? Was I just having a dumpy feeling day? Culottes? REally??


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  1. Love the dress and the blazer. Burn the culottes! Tailor in the sides of the eyelet blouse it looks good and lose the other blouse. You could do a grey trouser (box cut), but i like you in colors!!! Go Bold or Grow Old!!!


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