Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Generation Q Magazine

Just got my Spring 2016 issues of Generation Q Magazine and, as always, couldn’t wait to leaf through it!

The first thing I always do is find my ad!  I have advertised in every single issue of Generation Q and am proud to say that I also contributed to the Kickstarter campaign that helped fund and market the first print issue.  Jake Finch, Publisher, is a close friend and I was happy to support her effort from the very beginning.  Then when I actually held print issues in my hands and was able to read all of the quilty, snarky, fun content, my happiness cup just ran over!  This is not a snobby, serious magazine – it’s modern, humorous and did I say snarky?

There are always lots of projects to sew as well as product reviews, book reviews, lots of snippets about different quilters, and a cocktail recipe.  This issue’s is La Sarta (the seamstress) containing Campari, orange bitters, bitter lemon soda and ice.  Looks yummy…and I know I have a bottle of Campari around here somewhere as I like to occasionally drink it with soda….but I digress….

They always have great articles and instructions for things that kids can sew.  Let’s face it – we need a new generation of quilters coming up behind us to carry the torch.  These projects are fun, fast, and encourage young people to make things that they want to make and will enjoy using.

I always love reading “I am genq” which features a quilt artist in their environment and shares their story. 

And I want (translation: am in serious lust!) his sewing room!  Look at how organized his fabric collection is --- and how neatly displayed!  It looks like a quilt store; I’m, like, SO impressed!  Actually being able to find a fabric by looking in one place?  Astonishing!

I’ve seen GenQ in quilt stores, but it is also available by subscription.  Or if you’d like to try an issue for free, I have 8 copies to give away!  Sign up for our email list HERE... the first 8 signups get a free magazine!

Happy reading!


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