Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quilt Sampler, Springfield MO

Teaching two days of ruler work at the Quilt Sampler has been a lot of fun! Several of the students have embellished their samples....

...or come up with something totally different than the sample I did, adding to the various ways you can use them. I always learn something cool -- the hardest thing about the design above is that we were all trying to figure out how she did it!

Had over 20 people in class, so great energy! I got to do all my demonstrations on the Bernina Q-20, a machine I dearly love (it's that dual stitch regulator thing that got me hooked).

I taught at both Quilt Sampler stores (there's also one in Tulsa OK where I'll be teaching next week after Quilt Market) about four years ago and I got to work with Shannon. She's the cute blonde in the turquoise shirt. Shannon will be teaching the Quilt as You Go 8 month quilt project here in Springfield as a followup series to the Ruler Play class I taught yesterday. She's witty and snarky and just fun to be around!

So look at this wall -- can you tell what I bought???

A couple of interesting things about the Quilt Sampler -- one, they were one of the featured stores in Quilt Sampler Magazine last year; two: Cristen Jones, the owner, is a beekeeper and that is why that quilt on the right was the featured quilt from this store in the magazine. Take a good look -- it's a great quilt!

Tomorrow morning I head out for a three hour drive to St. Louis for Quilt Market where I'll work in the Mettler thread booth with my friend Michelle Urbach. If you're going to Market, please stop by the booth and say Hi!

P.S. -- When you looked on the wall, did you guess that I bought the glow in the dark skeleton panel? Oh, yeah! They were 50% off, so I bought two!

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