Tuesday, August 15, 2017

On the Mend

After foot surgery on August 1, I wasn't able to sew -- still technically cannot sew or drive because it was my right foot. However, I have played around in the sewing room and, while I can't piece worth a crap, I can quilt on the Q-20 with my left foot; the Q-20 couldn't care less which foot is on the pedal, pressure on the pedal is only telling the machine that you're sewing, not how fast you want to go. The two built in stitch regulators take care of that!

So I've spent portions of the last two days sewing in the background fills on one of my works in progress from a few years ago and should get it finished up tomorrow!


Are you pulling out any old projects to work on? It goes pretty fast because you already have so much done, right?


  1. Hope your foot heals well and you are mobile soon. Your work is beautiful. Sometimes when I unearth an old project it just flows and is finished easily and other times not so much. Always worth a shot. Take care.

  2. Good timing on getting your new machine and cabinet.

  3. It was perfect timing! Next up, a Halloween quilt I made a couple of years ago. I really want to get on this WIP thing and get some done.


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