Friday, January 12, 2018

A Rainy Night in South Carolina....and Progress

This is the third — or maybe the fourth? — year I’ve been able to go to the Pieceful Hearts Quilters retreat at Hickory Knob State Park in McCormick SC. It’s an accepted (by me) fact of nature that every time I rent a car, the weather is either rainy, snowy or both. Today Nature decided that there would be no suspense, it would rain like crazy the whole 170 mile drive from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to the park. As in full on windshield wipers more than half the drive.

Checked into my room and carted in all my luggage (can’t leave any possible projects behind, right? Lots of choices?). The heater was blasting and when I checked it was set at 84 degrees. I’m one of those people who rarely heats her house and sets the thermostat to 65 degrees immediately upon walking into a hotel room. So — YIKES! Turned off the heat, flung open the door and...

...isn’t this pretty? I LOVE rain! I’ll be here for a few days, mostly piecing quilt backings. I  also brought one project where the blocks are all complete and just need to be sewn together. Catch up stuff rather than starting something new.

I have three major goals this month: getting the quilt that Destiny pieced quilted, putting the binding on Rhonda’s quilt and designing the workshop for the new Westalee ruler set called “Continuum” that I’ll be teaching in May for Nuttall’s BERNINA & Fabric Center in Riverton UT in May.

I’ve been working on Des’ quilt for about a week; I started with big swoopy curves and decided that wasn’t enough quilting, so now I’m going back and filling them in. I’m about half done. It’s 105”x117, so is taking some time!


Here’s Destiny practicing; she even did some stitching on the quilt!

 And there’s a big smile — this was her first time to try out the Q-20....I think she likes it!

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