Monday, July 27, 2020

What Are Your Stay at Home Activities?

The last time I flew was March 13, flying home from the cancelled Dallas Quilt Show. After that, in an email cascade of cancellations, all of my workshops and lectures disappeared for the whole year! I was all of a sudden living a “retirement life” that I thought would come years from now. So I’ve been reading, baking, running 25-30 miles a week (a weird passion of mine that didn’t manifest until last year at age 70-1/2 – who does that??), walking a few miles in the morning with my husband. I’ve joined that Sourdough Bread Baking Brigade that one reads about, gotten used to not going to the hairdresser or the nail person or the facialist – man, was I spoiled!

But I haven’t done much sewing. My sewing has always been deadline based. Class samples, quilts to show at a workshop, ideas that I wanted to try out so I could demonstrate them to classes. Ruler work kept me excited for quite a while, especially as the new ones just kept rolling out and I was sewing my brains out in a futile attempt to keep up. But now? Since my work came to a screeching halt? Very little sewing.

Last week I did go into the sewing room; I was playing with some fat quarters of the Ombre Blooms fabric and had a pattern called Ombre Gems from Quilty Love. Pretty straightforward to cut and sew and I really liked the fabrics. So I cut and sewed all the blocks and laid them out on the floor in the master bedroom, the biggest open floor space I have:

I think I am really going to like it! It won’t be quite as big as I like to make my quilts, but that’s OK, I cut some extra squares to do a pieced border between two white borders. Now all I have to do is get motivated to get those blocks pieced together!

So what are you doing with your home time? Do you have more of it than you used to? Less? Are you sewing more? Less? Making some beautiful things? I’d love to see pics!

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