Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And what about fabric shopping?

This could actually be subtitled "Fabric! Fabric Everywhere!" I'll scatter a few random shots of my sewing room here and there so you can see the good, the bad and the ugly -- just to establish that I am obviously not a fabric shopping pro. Well, not if "pro" means that the fabric purchased is actually going to be used imminently in a project. If "pro" means "winner in $ spent on a particular day", I may have to reconsider.

This particular bookcase (not that a book has ever laid its cover on it, mind you) has six shelves, of which these are the top four. The top two are, more or less, fabrics sorted into color groupings, while the other two that you can see are filled with quilts-in-the-making; in other words, all of the fabric that I would need to make the quilt top. Sometimes I am even foresighted enough to stick the book or pattern right in with the fabric so that when I'm ready to cut, everything is in one place. Sometimes not!

This earns the title of My Favorite Bookcase because it holds all of my hand-dyed fabrics. Some of them have been dyed by me, some by my friend Saundra Seth of Pieces of Dreams and still others were purchased in stores, at quilt shows and from teachers when taking guild classes.

This shot is the bottom two shelves of those bookcases. Again, the fabrics are loosely color-themed, but more holiday -- Halloween, Christmas, fall, etc. -- on the left, wild colored prints as well as some ethnics on the right.

These two Tinkerbell toy chests are full of fabrics that are mostly sorted into multi-color groupings that I am collecting for a future project. For instance, I have a very large stack of fuschia and orange prints because I am convinced that there is a quilt combining those colors in my future. When I was at Pass Patchers guild the other day, one of the members showed a beautiful pink and orange quilt during Show & Share. I loved it!

I also have pink/brown prints (complete with a few polka dots of varying sizes), a lot of large scale florals because visions of these made into quilts and embellished with lots of beads dance before my eyes on a fairly regular basis, fabrics with shoes on them, fabrics with candy and other goodies, and lots and lots and lots of pink fabrics -- definitely my Go To color!

So how do I decide how much to buy of a fabric that I just can't live without? Hmmmmm.....I'll have to take some time to think about that!


  1. We need to see more pink in these photos!!!

  2. You didn't think there was enough pink in my stash? There's a lot of it buried in the Tinkerbell toy chests, believe me! ;-)


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