Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the Road -- Yucaipa CA

Today I am driving to Yucaipa CA, which is only about a 2 hour drive from my home. I'll leave around 4 or so, grab a venti sugar free vanilla iced latte (whole milk - none of that blue stuff for me!) in the Starbucks drive-through and then enjoy the pretty drive through the mountains of Wrightwood on my way to Yucaipa.

Tomorrow morning I'll present a quilt and information filled lecture called "Confessions of an Avid (Some Say Batty) Machine Quilter" to the Pass Patchers Quilt Guild in Beaumont CA, a neighboring community. If you are free at that time and are so inclined, the lecture will be held at the Beaumont Civic Center, located at 550 East 6th Street in Beaumont. The guild meeting will begin at 9:30, with my lecture scheduled from 11 am- 12 noon.

"Confessions" is a fun lecture; I show a lot of quilts, from the very first one to the present, showing my progress as I moved from a hobby quilter to a professional who quilted tops for others on my domestic machines.

On Thursday, I'll be teaching a workshop called "Introduction to Machine Quilting". It's a beginner level course on machine quilting on a domestic machine, covering straight stitching, free motion, and how to get a big quilt through a regular sized machine. If you are interested in the workshop, you can click through to my calendar for the contact information and also to see if I will be visiting a guild or shop in your local (or at least driveable) area. The website calendar link is http://www.battsintheattic.com/PrimaryPages/work_cal.html

Hope to see you on the road!

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