Monday, December 21, 2009

AAQ Retreats -- Session 1 Show & Share

Let me entertain you! While I am in Australia and New Zealand, you will get to see the pictures I took at the Alex Anderson Quilts retreats last month. I took a lot of them, so I'll break them up into several posts and schedule them to fill the time while I go play!!

One thing that Alex and I totally agree on is that the quilts that are shown get better and better each year. We have done these retreats for 9 years now and have watched as these quilters have grown their skills -- this is just awesome!

Alex likes to sit in the audience and look at all the quilts, so I am the emcee and quilt holder for this event. We usually do this after lunch on the third day of the retreat. Each person is welcome to bring up to two quilts to share with the group. While I'm helping with the quilts, Holly is manning the camera for me -- thank you, Holly!

The best thing about being the quilt holder is that you get to see everything up close and personal, so if a guest speaker needs holders at your guild, volunteer! It's the best spot in the above, I'm examining the quilting on Diane's 9 patch while she talks about it to the group.

Melanie's quilts are so amazing and fun -- she does a lot of embellishment and you can just see the time and creativity that she lavishes on her quilts. She brought this little one....

...and this larger one with a Halloween theme. Of course, I love all things Halloween, so had to get a few more pictures of this one!

Here's a close-up of the witch and look below at that cute little bat! He even has BEADY EYES!

Jim is our "token" guy quilter -- he's been with us all nine years, appeared with Alex as a guest on "Simply Quilts" (he was dyeing fabrics with shaving cream!) and does a lot of very fun things. Here's his bee-you-ti-ful red/white/blue quilt.

Joyce and her daughter-in-law Julie attend the retreat every year; here is one of Joyce's quilts...

and here is the other. There was so much quilting that the back was as worthy of a picture as the front!

Not too many people do small quilts here! This is Karen's project -- up close, the colors are amazing....

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