Friday, December 11, 2009

Updating the Workshop Page

Every so often, I need a kick in the butt -- meaning, that I start a project but get bogged down in the details and just don't get it finished. I started overhauling my website workshop page months ago. All that was on the page were the workshop titles and descriptions and some of the classes I teach weren't even on there, even though I teach them fairly frequently.

The incentive to get on this was an e-mail from Bonnie Browning asking me if I was available to teach in Knoxville in July. If my website workshop page had been complete, I could have just directed Bonnie to it so that she could see if there was anything that interested her. Just the kick in the butt that I needed!

My thoughts were that the workshops would be set up with the title and description on the workshop page. Then you could click on the title and a page would come up with a project picture and supply list. I got a couple done and sent them to my fabulous, dependable and just all-around GREAT web person, Kirsten.

She put them up right away, they look great -- only problem is, I only did a couple! So this morning, I sat down at the laptop and started seriously looking at the workshop page. Should I add some? Should I eliminate anything?

One of the workshops that I seriously considered eliminating was the "Winter Holiday Kaleidoscope". It's a piecing class and I don't teach those very often as most people want me to share quilting skills rather than piecing. However, I did do an episode on Simply Quilts featuring this wall hanging, so it's still probably on some quilters' radar as they see reruns of the show.

I went ahead and wrote it up and sent it off for Kirsten to post on the website when she gets a chance. Took a couple of pictures to illustrate the supply list -- here is the Christmas version. The pattern for this wall hanging is called "Christmas Kaleidoscope" and can be purchased here.

On Simply Quilts, we had three versions of this quilt: Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. The Hanukkah one is hanging on the wall in one of my sewing rooms -- it's a little too high up for me to get a good picture.

So did I make the right decision -- should it stay on the workshop page or not? Let me know what you think....

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