Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogging 101

Blogging was not an easy thing for me to learn. I hadn't used a camera for many years and the new ones are nothing like the old ones. It was such a surprise that my new Canon PowerShot is so light, holds a kazillion pictures and is so easy to use.

However, I still had some basic inadequacies beyond learning to take pictures, so I had a list of things I needed to do but didn't know how. One was to link my blog to my website, and vice versa. Another was to put an attractive header on the blog rather than using one of the templates provided by Google.

When I was in Salt Lake City in August, I mentioned some of the things I wanted to do to Rhonda Lopez, owner of Nuttall's Sewing Centers. She just "happened to have a lady on staff" who could do all that for me! Rhonda took me upstairs to the office area and introduced me to Kirsten Malin.

Kirsten is quick with changes that I need, does a great job and is reasonable price-wise. She adapted a photograph of one of my quilts to make the header for the blog, put in the links I needed and the logos from the blog "families" that I belong to.

Right now, she is working on transforming my workshop pages. Some of them (the ones for which I have given her the information-- my bad that they aren't done yet!) are already done and you can click here to see them. She has set it up so that if you click on the workshop title, the supply list and a picture of the project will come up. This will save me a lot of time e-mailing information to guilds and store owners by enabling them to get the information online.

If you have a blog or website and would like some help with it, I would highly recommend Kirsten. You can e-mail her at

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  1. Welcome Paula, I look forward to reading your blog--cottonreel


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