Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Seasonal Pillowcase Saga

When my goddaughter, Destiny, left home for college a few months ago, I decided that I would make her seasonal pillowcases so that she would at least have something fun to look at should she get homesick. I needn't have worried so much about homesickness, because not only did she take to college like it was absolutely the most wonderful thing in the world, but her mom picks her up and takes her to lunch at least once a month!

So I made her a purple, green and orange haunted house one for Halloween and here's the November turkey day version:

So she's home for a few days, but pretty busy. She and I are doing a Barnes & Noble run and lunch tomorrow -- hope to find some good resources to help us decide which land excursions we should take on our Australia/New Zealand trip next month. There are so many choices and we want to get a well-balanced experience in our three weeks there.

Then on Sunday she has a waltz lesson with her dad in preparation for the Debutante Ball next Saturday night. Of course, we're all going to that -- she's growing up so fast, I'll need the waterproof mascara for sure!

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