Friday, November 6, 2009

Salt Lake City -- Halloween Party! (Grand Finale)

I've been away from the laptop for a few days and need to catch up on my posts! I promised you pictures of Chad in his fabulous Halloween costume and here they are....

Joanie and Chad co-manage the Ivy Place location of Nuttall's Sewing Center and they planned the food, games and entertainment for the Halloween party. All of the people who had attended my classes in the past were invited to attend and, as you saw, many of them came in costume.

The fun got underway with a couple of games and then Joanie announced that they were going to be playing a variation on Family Feud using sewing related topics. Then she said that the game was going to be hosted by a special guest -- Paula Reid!

I didn't know anything about this, but to be a good sport, I got out of my chair and started toward the front of the room. This was at the same time as "Paula Reid" arrived in the front of the room in his costume!
Chad as me, little hair braid and all! I have a picture in my e-mail of Chad cutting the wig while it was on Rachel's head -- she has beautiful long hair and, evidently, a lot of trust in Chad having steady hands. I'll post that on Facebook when I get home!

"Paula Reid" hosting the Family Feud game...

Still hosting -- and doing a really good job! Everyone had a lot of fun with the game, even if they didn't agree with the answers!

"Paula Reid" demonstrating this very cool mirror that Chad rotated and turned into a large cutting table. Perfect if you don't have a lot of room or if your sewing room also has to take care of overflow guests -- just fold the cutting table down into a mirror and roll it into a corner!

The two Paula's, side by side.....Chad's mom said we had the same smile! I was just jealous because he was blonder with some great pink streaks.....wonder who does his hair.....

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