Monday, November 30, 2009

A Lot To Be Thankful For!

What a great weekend! Thanksgiving in Manhattan Beach with family, a quiet Friday, the Debutante Ball on Saturday (pictures to follow, of course!) and a belated birthday dinner for me with Dan's father and step-mom on Sunday. Now to catch up with real life...a quilt for a Road to California display, one for my friend Susan and two for Alex -- guess I'd better get to the machine!

But first the Deb Ball pictures!

Destiny taking her place on the stage -- this year's theme was "Camelot"...

Perfect curtsey! All of the girls did so well with that -- I would have fallen on my nose!

Destiny and her dad, Phil, walking down the red carpet for her presentation...

My friend Tami and me -- Tami's daughter Stevie was presented last year and then Tami joined the Alpha Charter Guild. ACG puts on the debutante activities as a fundraiser for the Antelope Valley Hospital.

Tami and I have been friends for almost 20 years; we walked every day for 4 years before we both moved across town and too far apart for an every morning thing. In 2002, we walked the 60-mile Avon 3-day to raise funds for breast cancer research.

There were two father-daughter dances; one was the ceremonial waltz that Destiny danced with Phil and the second was a plain old slow dance that she danced part with Phil and part with Dan. Being her godfather has some pretty good perks!

The three of us after dinner...The next time we'll see her is when we're on our way to LAX for our Australia/New Zealand trip on the 17th. We'll be gone three whole weeks!

Which is probably a good time to tell you that the Batts in the Attic offices will be closed from December 17 until January 11. I will prepare some posts ahead so that the blog will keep going, but no orders will be shipped until after we get back.

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