Sunday, November 15, 2009

AAQ Retreats -- Highlights and Dates for 2010

Sometime during each retreat week, Alex and I get together to share thoughts about what we might teach the next year. We listen to what is going on in the industry and the types of questions that people ask us so that we can tailor our breakout sessions to what our quilters really want to know.

There have been a lot of questions on how to handle curves and circles. There are some interesting presser feet and other tools on the market to handle these tricky piecing situations, so we're going to play with them this year and bring them to class in 2010.

Alex showed this quilt, based on the Drunkard's Path block, as a possible project for next year. Our first session people reacted enthusiastically, so this will be the project for those retreaters who want to work on it.

Our dates next year will be:

Session I: Thursday, October 14 - Sunday, October 17

Session II: Sunday, October 17 - Wednesday, October 20

As usual, there will be a period of time where the current attendees will have priority for registration. They will receive an e-mail from Susan Moore with the registration form. After that is over, registration will be open to the wait list and anyone else who wishes to attend.

Keep an eye on the blog and on Alex's AAQ Retreat website for further information on when general registration will begin. As usual, we will have a lot of fun! Alex and I will each teach a curved or circle piecing segment and we will both be on tap all day, each day, to answer your questions and help you bring your quilting ideas to reality.

I think the best thing about the retreat is that Alex and I are so different and come from such different quilting backgrounds. Both of us started with piecing, applique and quilting; Alex's skills started with handwork, mine were honed on the sewing machine. So between the two of us we have a deep breadth of knowledge of quilting techniques and can pretty much answer any question that comes up.

Hope to see you there in October!

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