Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun to Travel -- Nice to Be Home!

Uneventful flights -- gotta love 'em! I'll be home Monday through Wednesday, then leave on Thursday to go to Livermore, which is located in northern California about 1/2 hour (or 3 hours, depending on time of day!) east of San Francisco. I'll be teaching at AAQ Retreats, which stands for Alex Anderson Quilt Retreats.

Alex originally started these retreats in 2001 as a place for members of her website message board to meet and sew together. She chose the Hilton Garden Inn as the location and me as her co-teacher. We had one three-day retreat each of the first two years and then had such a long waiting list that Alex added a second session starting in 2003.

Teachers and retreaters alike, we all look forward to getting together again to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. As usual, I'll be taking pictures and letting you in on all the fun!

When I was in Silver City, I stopped in Thunder Creek Quilt Company and this cute doll caught my eye. Of course she did -- she had purple hair with glittery gold (kind of tinselly, actually) streaks in it! There is a class available to make this doll taught by the owner, Cindy. She did divulge that the doll's hair is a pony tail scrunchy!!! Love it!

Okay, gotta go through all my mail, write my thank you notes to the wonderful people who hosted me on this trip, unpack, do laundry, repack -- oh, and by the way, finish a quilt for my friend Susan -- by Thursday!

Stay tuned --there will be a lot more about AAQ Retreats as the week unfolds.....

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