Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Retreat Picture

I still have some Session 2 pictures to post; haven't gotten back to matching up names to some of the pictures. But since Patti Hempen e-mailed this photo of her with Alex and me at the first session, thought it might be fun to post this one first....

Met up yesterday morning with Destiny at Barnes & Noble -- we bought two guidebooks, one to Sydney and the other to New Zealand. Then we went through the shore excursions guide to pick out day trips when the ship is in various ports. We were trying to get a good mix of flora, fauna, museums, wineries, etc.

If anyone has good ideas for things we absolutely shouldn't miss, please let me know. We will be in Sydney for a couple of days, Melbourne for one, and then the rest of the cruise is all in New Zealand....


  1. Kia ora from New Zealand!
    Forgive me for adding what probably looks like 'promoting' our tour company or spamming your blog, but I came across your lovely page and read your request for good ideas for things you shouldn't miss while on your shore excursions.
    My husband & I operate Auckland's Eco-tour company called 'Coast to Coast Tours'. (We have been Tripadvisor's No1 Auckland attraction since May '08), and our tour gets folks like yourself out of the city to experience the countryside of the west Auckland region where our family has lived & farmed since 1922, 'opening' our sheep farm & historic Homestead which we also include on the day tour. We visit the rainforest region, go craft-shopping (quilted products here too!!), have lunch (included, with wine/beer), go wine & honey-tasting, visit the world-famous Muriwai beach gannet colony and have afternoon tea at our farm, [Food Handling Certified]. You even get the opportunity to offset your carbon emissions by purchasing & planting your own Native tree for our farm's Forest Reserve.
    Most of our clients are from the US, a lot off Cruise Boats, looking for the smaller, personalised tour. Their feedback (Tripadvisor & Cruise Critic) is always favourable.
    Our tour may not be what you are looking for, which we can certainly appreciate, so please delete my comment as you see fit.
    But, if we can help you with a reservation, please let us know.
    Thank you, Donna Hamilton

  2. Hi Paula
    Found this all very interesting.
    Are you staying on the cruise in New Zealand??
    I am a quilter and unfortunately you will not find many quilt shops close to the ports but if you are travelling within New Zealand we have as many quilt shops as the USA per mile. Out here in the Kumeu wine district of West Auckland we have three within 10 miles of our bed and breakfast and tomorrow McKenna Ryan is at one of them, sold out for classes and a lecture. I can hardly wait to meet her.
    Check out our web site www.calicolodge.co.nz for photos of my quilts and please ask if you want to visit our quilt shops while you are in New Zealand.
    Regards Kay


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