Friday, November 6, 2009

Fluff & Stuff - - Salt Lake City UT

Monday, November 2 -- time to take down all the Halloween fun and get down to some serious quilting!

Fluff & Stuff is my two-day machine quilting class; the first day is lecture, demo and learning how to move the quilt through the machine, the second day is all free motion. Some of my quilts are displayed on the back wall.

That's Joanie Moss standing in the back of the room -- she's the co-manager (with Chad Lopez) of the Nuttall's Sewing Center in this location.

Al Hokim working away on his project -- he and his wife Sylvia are planning to make quilts for Pamela's Closet, a local charity to help single moms. Al won my heart when he brought me a jar of his homemade Margaritas.....YUM!! I have never had anything in a Mason jar that tasted that good!

Linda just looking up for a second from her Precious Moments panel quilt that she's working on.

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