Monday, November 2, 2009

Salt Lake City -- Halloween Party!

I flew to Salt Lake City on Friday morning and got ready for the Halloween party at Nuttall's Sewing Center! Rhonda and her staff all dressed up for the party and so did most of the store customers who attended. Invitations to the party had gone out to every person who had taken one of my classes at any of the Nuttall's locations and we called it the Paula Reid Alumni Halloween Party.....

First I'll show you the employees who dressed up and then, in additional posts, I'll post the "alumni" costumes and their beautiful quilts that they shared.

Rachel in her pretty Renaissance costume.....

Gia dressed as the Ghost of Quilts Unfinished! She was inspired by an article of the same name by Betty Gross in a book called "The Quilter's Companion Cookbook", which contains "recipes, stories and tips from those with a common thread". Gia had all sorts of quilt elements draped all over her -- really fun and creative!

Somebody had to tell me that this was Joyce; I never could have figured it out on my own. All I could tell was that "it" had small hands and so had to be a woman!

Chad and Riley Rasmussen; Riley is going to have their first child in March and thought she might need a bigger cape!

Tammy is in charge of all of the education programs and she's the one that I keep in contact with when I am going to be doing classes in any of the five Nuttall's stores. We coordinate schedules, supply lists and all of the other various details that have to be considered when a travelling teacher comes into town.

I wonder how long it took Tammy to wash off all that makeup!

Chad and Karen -- Chad is one of the co-managers of the Ivy Place location where the party was held. This was actually his first costume that day -- he had a surprise in store for us later in the evening....

Rhonda Lopez owns the Nuttall's Sewing Centers, but decided to confuse us all by dressing as if she were actually the local Viking dealer. Nuttall's actually carries Bernina, Brother and Janome.

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