Friday, October 30, 2009

Speaking of Borders....

When I am making a quilt to go on a bed, one of my philosophies about borders has to do with how the border relates to the interior of the quilt -- I like the blocks/applique/whatever to exactly be the size of the mattress and the border(s) to drop down to cover the top of the box spring. Since I have a queen size bed, I wanted the top of my sampler quilt (it was a block of the month project) to measure 60" x 80". My mattress is a double pillow top, requiring a 13" drop.

My bright SoCal morning sunshine is spilling over the bed in this photo, but you can see my combination of floral fabric with a bit of piecing inserted in to add some interest to that 13" drop. I used two of the pink fabrics that had also been used in the piecing and added some narrow gold strips on either side to visually separate the pink squares from the floral border. This was done on three sides.

Since I don't tuck my quilts over and around the pillows when I make my bed, I just needed one narrow border to finish off the top.

With the top border being narrow, it isn't necesssary to fold the top of the quilt over on itself to avoid smothering when you sleep under it -- I just get too hot with two layers of quilt over me, although it was 28 degrees last night!

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