Monday, October 19, 2009

El Camino Quilters Quilt Show -- San Marcos CA (Part 3)

This is my last post on the El Camino Guild show. I'll show you the last of the pictures and what I bought -- you knew that had to be in here somewhere; couldn't keep my hands off my wallet for the whole show!

"Saint Flora" by Judy Hay was "inspired by a Karen Cunagin Palomar College class project". I saw more of these hanging, but this was the only one with applique as part of the background area. There were two samples of this "face in a sun" in one of the vendor's booths; they both had a pieced background for the appliqued compass.

"Mod Quad" by Marilyn Hearnsberger is made from a commercial pattern, but the author's name is not given. I liked the tiny shots of color that sparked up all the black and white.

I guess my purchases from this show reflect all of the pretty quilts I have been seeing lately that are made from printed panels. These fairies have the sweetest faces and are just perfect for when you just need to whip something out for a gift or just to hang on the wall to celebrate a new season....

Sometimes I just want to mindlessly sew -- a kit can be just the ticket to putting the brain on hold.....I purchased the panels and the kit from the Inspirations Quilt Shop booth. The shop is located in Valley Center CA and, if you have to have this, too, you can contact them at 760-751-9400 or click on the shop name to go to their website.

This must have been the quilt that inspired me to buy all those cute panels -- it couldn't have been that I think fairies are the cutest things imaginable, could it? This seemed like a neat way to use some of them -- not too symmetrical, not every-one-framed-the-same-way piecing.

My photo cut off just enough of the title of this quilt to make it unreadable -- Margarete Jones made it from a class at Palomar College taught by Karen Cunagin. Margarete said it was challenging to make all the different sized borders and then put it all together....I liked the various borders, but especially liked all of the piecing in between the printed blocks. A lot of little colorful squares goin' on here....

"Shooting for the Stars" by Louise Strickler, quilted by Sylvia Fox. What appealed to me about this quilt is that the background of each block is half tan and half cream. It pulls the eye diagonally in a dramatic way. I would love to make this in brights!

"Woodland Creatures" by Nancy Ganske, quilted by Shawn York. In the statement pinned to the quilt, Nancy said that when she saw this quilt, she just had to make it, so it may be a pattern? Maybe of the same name? What made the visual impact, to me, was the beautiful green background that makes all of those applique pieces really stand out. This is quite a sizable quilt; I think I would be blind if I had done all that applique on a dark color like that, but -- oh, my gosh -- is this quilt worth the work!

Pat Carriker's appliqued roses quilt is quite striking. It wasn't stated whether it was original or from a pattern.

Originally, I took the photo on the right because I liked the way the border quilting was done -- Pat used a different stencil for the corners rather than "turn the corner" with the feather design. I took the picture to stick it in my "idea folder", then looked closer at the applique and decided to share the whole quilt with you.

Destiny and I enjoyed the show and got to spend some quality time together looking at quilts, chatting and catching up with her new college experiences. The next few times we get together will be busy -- Destiny, my husband and I are going to Australia for three weeks in Dec./Jan.! Can't wait!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your insights. I had hoped to be able to attend this show, but was unable to make it. Looks like it was a fun show. I hope I can attend next year.


  2. The black and white quilt is from a pattern from Blue Underground Studios. the Woodland one is by Rosemary Makhan of Canada

  3. Thanks so much for that info -- I've found it impossible to keep up with all the great patterns out there!


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