Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Randy's Quilt Shop -- Greensboro NC (Part 2)

When I first walked into the store on Thursday, I just stopped right in my tracks because of this beautiful pink floral quilt:

I thought it was one of the most striking machine embroidered quilts that I had seen -- probably because I LOVE PINK and florals so, of course, the combo is KILLER!

And right next to it was a green/purple floral. These are both displayed in the Bernina machine area of the store. The directions for this quilt are in an issue of "Creative Expressions" magazine.
At my first opportunity, I got up close and personal to take a closeup shot of the detailed embroidery of the pink one. Look at the shading in the petals...

I liked the way that these two quilts were displayed: the smaller white/cream wall hanging pinned on the side of the larger floral quilt.

This is a closeup of one of the blocks from the floral quilt...

I really liked the detail in the cream floral wall hanging; at left is the photo of the whole quilt and below is a closeup of the embroidered flowers.

Then right outside the classroom I saw a very cute fish quilt -- a very girl-y fish who even has red lipstick!

Now I'm going to hop in my rental (a GMC Acadia -- I think that qualifies as a land behemoth! -- and drive to my next stop, Asheville Cotton Company in Asheville NC. I can't wait to see what Robin, Chip and Michelle have been up to since the last time I was there!

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