Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Waiting for Winter!!!

The temperature finally dropped a little over the past couple of days -- 75 for the high, rather than 90! I live in Palmdale CA, which is located in the "high desert" area of southern California, about halfway between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. We are considerably warmer than LA from mid-May through about now and then we get quite a bit cooler, sometimes with snow!

All I need is my Kindle (for those of you not Kindling yet, the Kindle is a battery powered book reader from Amazon that holds lots and lots of books -- perfect for travelling when you have to keep your baggage weight down -- and only weighs 10 oz.!), a mug of tea and a spare hour or two to curl up with my quilt in that spot of sunshine....


  1. Paula, would it be possible for you to post a picture of the whole quilt that is showing folded over the arm of your sofa in your picture? It is beautiful, but I can't see the entire pattern.

    Barbara K

  2. mmm...tea and a good book. That's one of the things I most look forward to in winter, since my life is usually too hectic to get much sewing done. Today will more than make up for it- I get to spend all day sewing my costume for your alumni party next week!

  3. I stand humbled before you, Gia -- I got my costume at one of those cheap (oops, I mean inexpensive!) party stores...


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