Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great Trapunto Book -- Available Again!!!

I've been offline for a couple of days. I was supposed to stay at the Battleground Inn for two additional nights past my time at Randy's Quilt Shop, but Karen Pervier invited me out to her home and I just couldn't say NO!

Karen and her husband Graham live out in the country near Reidsville and the views all around, of trees and meadows, are just breathtaking -- especially to someone from the southern California desert. Karen is a long time quilter who used to own a quilt shop, so we had plenty to talk about -- and, of course, we managed to fit in eating, drinking wine and shopping!

I had lots of free time to relax and was browsing through a few of Karen's quilt magazines, probably the same ones I have at home that are sitting in a stack waiting to be read. Looking through the October 2009 issue of McCall's Quilting, I found an interesting article on trapunto by machine.

Hari Walner's first book, "Trapunto by Machine", has been out of print for some time, yet I think it is probably the definitive book on the topic and should be in every quilter's library. So I was very happy to see this:

Hari Walner's first book "Trapunto by Machine" is available as an e-book from C&T Publishing. To purchase a downloadable version visit www.ctpubblog.com/downloads.

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