Thursday, October 22, 2009

Show Me the Whole Quilt!

Sorry, guys, it wasn't really very nice to just give a teaser and show a small part of one of my quilts draped over the arm of the sofa instead of the whole darn thing -- and you let me hear about it!

I call this my "Six Year Quilt" because I pieced it in 2001 when I first saw this Hoffman Christmas fabric and then finally got around to quilting it in 2007 when I dug into the pile and decided it was time! That's trapunto in the light blocks; that fabric is a tan on cream print that looks like it is tea-dyed and then has tiny stars sprinkled across it.

The pieced block is one I found in a book somewhere. It wasn't an entire quilt pattern, just the block. I grabbed a few books this morning to see if I could find it again, but one of you will probably recognize it and then I'll post it.

Here's a closer picture of the block and below is the trapunto quilting in the light "plain" blocks. If the quilting design looks suspiciously like the one in my blog header, it's because they are the same stencil, #SCL-215-11 from The Stencil Company.

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