Saturday, October 17, 2009

El Camino Quilters Quilt Show -- San Marcos CA (Part 2)

I took a lot of pictures at this show, so I'm breaking them into two posts; this one contains the quilts that fell more into the "art quilt" category and the next will be more traditional quilts. I also photograph the quilt descriptions as written by the quiltmakers so that I can accurately label whether a quilt is from a pattern, a class or an original work, if this information is given.

If it is not given, I have left it blank rather than take a guess....

"King Tut" by Bettyann Heineman was inspired of her love for all things Egyptian since her childhood. This is an original work. Here's a close-up below...

"St. Mark's Rose" by Lois Bretzlaff is from a pattern designed by Nora McMeeking and was from a guild workshop. Can you tell those quilt blocks to the right were from a totally different quilt? Got to get better at this picture taking thing!!

"Bamboo Spikes" by Judy Brook was completely paper pieced from a design by Judy Niemeyer. I really liked the colors and movement in this quilt...

"Glowing Embers" By Dee Fletcher, quilted by Susan Ramey. Dee used "Gelato" fabric by EE Schenck Co. to make this quilt, which was designed by Mary Lou Hallenbeck.

Some of the quilts at this show were for sale -- I noticed that "Glowing Embers" had a SOLD sign on it!!

My timing was good on this one -- somebody else had just finished taking Sondra Gordinier's picture next to her quilt "Southwest Sunset", so I just asked her to please not move! Sondra's artist statement: "This pattern was from a class given at Rosie's Calico Cupboard by Lisa Moore. Lisa is from Sitka, Alaska, my home town. However, her pattern was of the Northwest with ice, snow, animals and fish. Mine, of course, was of the Southwest -- Voila! It was machine quilted by Wendy Knight."

"She Walked in Beauty" by Cherie Brown. I was intrigued by the beauty of the quilt, the three dimensional fabric embellishments, use of a border print for the "frame" and the decorative stitching in the fabrics radiating out from the cameo center. There are a couple of close-ups below.

This was the quilt that got my BEST OF SHOW vote....

The picture to the left did not come out as clear as I would have liked, but I wanted to show the rosette and some of the decorative stitching.
More decorative stitching below....I thought it was an effective way of using a decorative machine stitch.

Lots of fun, art-y things!! Next, I'll cover some more traditional quilts, including applique and what we can do with those pretty panels that we are all (well, at least I am) buying!

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