Saturday, October 3, 2009

Machine Quilting in Depth -- Greensboro NC (Day 1)

Yesterday I taught the first day of my two day machine quilting class at Randy's. Randy's calls this class "Machine Quilting in Depth", some shops call it "Handling the Bulk", once it was named "Machine Quilting 101". Doesn't matter what we call it -- this workshop is designed to teach people to move their quilts, regardless of size, through a domestic machine.

We have 10 people in this class working on their own quilts on their own domestic machines. As the day progressed and the smiles grew as people realized that -- YES, they could actually DO this -- I snapped a few photos.....

This is the third time that Chris Bowen has taken my class and she has also taken workshops with Sue Nickels and other machine quilters, so she wanted to spend the time polishing up her free motion skills and listening in to see what else she might pick up. This is her whole cloth project above. The fabric she is using is a beautiful pale turquoise tone-on-tone.

I wanted to get a picture of these two ladies together because these Rail Fence quilts were their very first quilts and they were taking this workshop so that they could quilt them themselves rather than sending them out. I particularly love to get beginners in my classes to let them know that it is possible to complete their quilts at home and not have to relinguish what I call the "creative control" to another person.

Today is Day 2 and we'll be working on free motion all day. To see where I might be teaching a multi-day class near you, you can click here. To read a description of my DVD, "Fluff & Stuff: Machine Quilting with Paula Reid", which is a home study format of my two day workshop, click here.

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