Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary at the Parkside Grill

Dan and I celebrated our anniversary last night by having dinner in Pasadena at the Parkside Grill. We went there last year, too -- not quite as romantic as our 20th, which was spent sipping champagne at the ballet in St. Petersburg, but yummy just the same.

They gave us a card, seating at a beautiful table overlooking the restaurant, and fantastic food. We started with an interesting oval flatbread with melty cheese, sliced pears and chives. I think that would be a really good starter for one of our gourmet dinners and I think it could be done on the grill.

We ordered what I call the Carnivore Specials -- Dan had a NY steak and I had a ribeye, half of which I took home. I'll do something with it for dinner tonight; maybe a stroganoff sort of thing?

We were given a complimentary Dulce de Leche cupcake along with the dessert menu. Our server assured us that since it was complimentary, it didn't count as dessert -- guess that means the calories don't count either?

Dan is much more restrained than I am when it comes to dessert; he usually orders sorbet, as he did last night. On the other hand, if creme brulee isn't on the menu, I order whatever sounds like the most fun!

Last night, it was a S'mores variation: There were two S'mores with creme anglais on one side of the plate and raspberry coulis on the other,. In each pool, there was a round graham cracker with a layer of melted chocolate and a handmade marshmallow. It looked like the marshmallow had been toasted with a kitchen torch and then dusted with powdered sugar. It was so rich and sweet that I could only eat about half of it -- this would be a perfect shared dessert.

With our check arrived a beautiful bouquet of flowers with the little tubes on the stems to keep them fresh until we got them home and could put them in water. Loved the colors and thought they went perfectly in my tall pottery coffee cup!

So that's how Dan and I celebrated another year (it's 23 for us) of experiences, memories and love! Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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