Sunday, March 13, 2011

Las Vegas Quilt Show -- Henderson NV

Last weekend, March 4-6, I demonstrated machine quilting in Downtown Sewing Machine Co.'s booth at the Las Vegas Quilt Show. Carrie, the energetic dynamo running the store, has a costume sewing background, so garment sewing is a big draw here. The line of cabinets and cutting tables from Unique Sewing Furniture was exhibited here as well as Pfaff sewing machines, Reliable irons and a lot of fun sewing notions and tools.

The booth was gorgeous, with all the furniture set up and a large screen TV showing clips about the store and portions of my machine quilting DVD, "Fluff & Stuff".

Look at that bright orange Reliable iron in the picture at the right -- loved the orange, but bought the blue one because it had a bigger steam tank -- both of them are guaranteed not to drip!

I'm sewing away on a Winnie the Pooh panel quilt, demonstrating machine quilting techniques using my Batt Scooters...

Closeup of my hands on the Scooters...

...and a smile for the camera...

There was a collection of miniature quilts displayed in the room where the Downtown Sewing Machine Co. booth was located:

This one was just fun! "Piggy Knows" by Wilhelmina Willis is a miniature log cabin using pig fabric (you could see little piggy noses here and there), accented with lace, buttons and bows. I wish the measurements had been on the description sheets, because both of these miniatures were very tiny, less than 2' in any dimension.

A one word description for the French Braid miniature would be "elegant" -- "Blue Mist" by Cher Chu is the result of her having made the larger size quilt and making the decision to shrink it down and make a second quilt.

I have more show pictures to post, so check back within the next day or so for those....

Shopping at the show
: I took along fabric for two quilts and got both of those cut in my hotel room in the evenings (big advantage of driving over flying -- I could take everything I wanted to!), but I had forgotten my Mary Ellen's Best Press, so purchased that from a booth at the show.

From the Downtown Sewing Machine Co. booth, I bought the blue Reliable iron, which hasn't arrived yet, so will let you know all about that when it gets here; and the TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener which extends the life of rotary blades without having to remove the blade from the cutter. I tried it out this week and found it to perform as advertised -- won't remove nicks, of course, but to sharpen up an undamaged blade, it worked beautifully!

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