Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting the Hearts & Squares Quilt Ready to Quilt

The Hearts & Squares quilt is one I've been working on since the end of January. It was originally one of my February "goal" quilts and has been carried over from month to month as I just didn't find the time to finish it. The pattern is the cover quilt of the Leisure Arts publication, "Quilted Hearts & Flowers" by Cotton Pickin' Designs.

To see some earlier pictures of my piecing and applique progress on this quilt, click here.

Pressing the acres and acres of border fabric -- it took two lengths of the stripe to get the number of border pieces that I needed, so just under 6 yards...

Other than making sure that the printed stripes matched, I didn't do any intentional pattern matching of the fabric. Liked the way it came out, though!

Pieced the back out of all the leftover fabrics, and made an extra heart to put on the back for a label.

I know it's not a good thing, but I hardly ever take the time to put a label on my quilts, so having the extra heart sort of made me do it!

Spread out on the tables, ready to pin up. I would really like to get this quilted this week as Dan and I are taking a car trip to Sonoma to taste wine, see the sights, shop and eat good food! I like to do the binding handwork in the car to give my hands something to do on a long ride like that. Since the drive to Sonoma is about 7 hours, I should probably be able to get the stitching done on this 88" square quilt. Speaking of Napa, Sonoma and surrounds -- are there any great quilt shops that I absolutely should not miss?

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  1. Love the border on your quilt, especially how the mitered corner turned out. Have a safe trip and a glass of wine for me!


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