Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting Into the Blue of Things.....

Getting ready to go to Nashville involves a lot of thinking!  I have to figure out what quilts I'm taking, what completed work illustrates the use of the techniques I'm teaching in class, what gadgets and/or tools that I'll need to make the demo easier as well as fabric, thread and anything else I'm likely to need.

That's one suitcase! 

The quilt above, "Hanukkiah", was designed by my friend Paula Fleischer.  It's just the thing to get me into my "blue" mood for next week.  So it definitely goes in the work suitcase.

Then there's the second suitcase, the personal suitcase.  What I pack in this one determines everything I'm going to wear.  Of course, I choose by season and by part of the country, but this time I've decided that I'm going to decide by color -- and that color is blue!

So part of getting into the spirit of the thing was going to my hairdresser, Tina Fox, this morning and getting some blue extensions as well as some silver bling tied around them.  Now off to the closet to see what I might have in there that goes with my new hair!


  1. Love it.....and really love your line of thinking (the extensions are brilliant!!!)!

  2. You are one of the most creative people I know.



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