Saturday, July 28, 2012

Keeping FedEx and UPS Busy! And a Very Cool Announcement!

This has been a busy week for delivery people -- boxes arriving with all kinds of goodies!  You've heard of Christmas in July, right?  Well, that's how it has been around here.....

One big huge box from Brother International had some goodies for me to play with; this is my favorite knee lift because it can be adjusted to fit various sizes of people.  I use my knee lift a LOT and it's nice that I can make it work well for my skinny little legs and not have to lunge way over to the right for it. Although that lunging may have some exercise benefit to it....let me think this through....

Also in the box were two more boxes containing playtime supplies such as presser feet, bobbins, 12 big spools of thread, stabilizer, needles -- the works! 

This all ties in to the Brother convention where I'm teaching next week -- packing today, flying to Nashville tomorrow and teaching classes to Brother dealers Monday-Wednesday.  I've been preparing for this for a couple of months and am very excited! 

So now on to a big announcement!!!:

Look what the UPS guy delivered yesterday afternoon!  I was so afraid that these would not get to me before I left for Nashville, but around 5pm, my guy came through!

It's my newest video, "Beyond the Basics: Free Motion & Trapunto with Paula Reid". I now am the proud possessor of 20 prototype copies and should be ready to ship to dealers around Labor Day.

I am so stoked!  Also, I love the cover; both the quilt photography and the picture of me.  There's also a quilt on the back behind the text that wraps around to the spine of the cover.  David Hooke of LiTen Up Technologies has been my videographer all the way from my first video, Fluff & Stuff, that we did in 2004 up through the present.  He's continually taking classes and updating equipment and I think he bought a time machine!  I swear I look younger in this picture than I did in 2004!  Yay David!!!  It's amazing what good lighting will do.....

So keep checking back, when I get my actual production copies, I'll do a giveaway....


  1. Way cool. I look forward to seeing your new DVD. I'm sure it is going to be very popular.


  2. Sew exciting....I know it will be a huge success...congrats and blessings! Doreen


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