Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bernina Sewing & Design -- Las Cruces NM

Today was the most awesome day! I taught Fluff & Stuff here in Las Cruces on Thursday and Friday and today was Free Motion Boot Camp! It was so much fun teaching free motion techniques and watching everybody up their game!

First of all, I got to sew on the new Bernina 780 for the past three days; it has a 10" opening and includes machine embroidery capability. This is a brand new machine that just shipped to stores this month, so this was my first opportunity to sew on one. The screen is different from the Berninas I'm used to, so there was a bit of a learning curve, but it was pretty intuitive and easy to use.

Here are a couple of views of my class working hard and the colorful quilty classroom.

Marsha Cowan owns Bernina Sewing & Design and decided to take some time, sit in on the class and play for a while. She chose this beautiful coral fabric, two shades of Floriani 40 wt. embroidery thread and a spool of YLI silk thread to make the sample above.

A closeup of the detail work in some of Marsha's feathers...interesting how the color took so much lighter in the closer photo. The color is actually more like the first picture.

More curvy loops....later Marsha echo stitched around those and then added more background fill around the stitching to make it really pop out.

This was one of the shop samples -- as a class we discussed various ways to quilt it. Prior to the class, most of the people in class said that they would have assumed that they either would have to stipple or do a diagonal grid in the background; after class, they were coming up with all sorts of neat ideas.

Tomorrow I'm going to do some sightseeing with Marsha and her husband Izzy and then Monday afternoon, I hop a quick flight to Dallas to teach for Ace Sewing in Wichita Falls and Denton Sewing in, well, Denton! Hope to see you in my travels!

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  1. Hi Paula,
    I took your class in SLC at HMQS and completed the Sept. tutorial for FMQ 2012. I was one of the lucky winners in the drawing and will be receiving the book/dvd that you donated. Thank you. Peggy Harty Moab Utah

  2. Hi Paula,
    Its Suzy from N Richland Hills, Texas.
    Your quilting seminar has made such a difference in my craft!! Originally I started quilting due to my husbands stroke and the need to stay closer to home, since your seminar this summer, I have lost a daughter and my job...more reasons for sanity sewing!I watch your DVD's at least once a week and I love the sounds of quilting! The sounds of the pins clipping and rattling around in the box...the sewing machine purr, its all so theraputic! You are a gift to the quilting community!
    P.S. I went back to the asimetrical hair style I used to wear after you were here!!!
    In gratitude

    1. Thank you, Suzy -- I love that I have touched your life and helped ignite your enjoyment of the quilting arts. I'll be back at Richland Sewing in February -- hope to see you there so I can give you a big congratulatory hug for having the strength and dedication to sew through your troubles!

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