Sunday, October 19, 2014

BERNINA Sewing & Design, Las Cruces NM (Part 3)

Yesterday I taught my "Beyond the Basics" class; since a number of people in the class had taken Fluff & Stuff, but not Feather Frenzy, I did a feather review before we got into the design and background fill work.

This was my whiteboard drawing showing all the various things we were dong in class. And these are what everyone came up with, or at least the ones that I got photos of:

Carol -- This is only part of her piece, but I like what's going on there as a decorative fill between the circle and the outer points. It's going to look very Southwest. She's going to draw in all of the straight lines between the points and the circle, but use them as pivot points so that the center zigzag will be open, but the lines on either side, up and down, will be stitched. I want to play with this because I really like the look!

Maridee (not sure of spelling, but I've got the pronunciation down), started with squiggly lines and then started filling in areas. Liking the detail work here. Amazing how great muslin can look!

Terry used a pretty pink Floriani metallic thread in her bobbin and was working from the reverse side of the piece. Once we talked about tension settings as they related to metallic thread and she made the appropriate adjustments, her work just coasted right along. A little harder to see because of the strong shading in this batik, but worth taking a close look at.

Mary -- Playing with background fills and various threads to see how they look.

Vivien wanted to learn pebbles and feathers and once she was shown how, she just went for it! She was one of three ladies who were with me the whole three days -- brave souls!

Sometimes as I wander around this shop, I flatter myself that Marsha buys just for me. That's how much I like everything. It's just because she and I like a lot of the very same things....Now -- what I bought:

A pattern that I thought was really cute for holiday time; I think it would be really pretty using green scraps (maybe some with gold metallic in them?) on a white background.

The book has a lot of great ideas for using panels in cute ways; like the panel, but don't know if it's destined for a quilt or maybe placemats. I got enough to make 8 in case I decide to go that route.

I have a few of the books using jelly rolls, charm packs and other pre-cuts written by the Lintott's. They always have fresh, new ideas -- even when the patterns are very traditional, like in this book, Pam & Nicky seem to just spice them up and make the quilts more modern and appealing.

This is the pattern I chose for all those yellow & grey prints. I got a fat quarter of each and then Marsha pulled the perfect background fabric. I love this pattern because it will give me lots of negative space to practice what I learned from Angela Walters' Craftsy class "Quilting Negative Space".

That emptied out the box that's following me home! Now to put it all back in so that it will be on its merry way to me next week.

Not that I'll be home to open it! I'm leaving for Phoenix tomorrow to teach at Mulqueen's Sewing Center in Mesa AZ. Teaching Fluff & Stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday and Feather Frenzy on Thursday and then flying out to Houston for Market and Festival. Will I see you there?

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