Thursday, October 16, 2014

Craftsy's Quilter Appreciation Day

One of the benefits of traveling is that I usually have a bit of time at the end of the day in my hotel room. Me and my I've found some ways to use that time to learn some good stuff that can make my quilting and teaching better.

One of these is the Craftsy array of quilting classes. Even though my local quilting guild brings in some great national teachers, I hardly ever get the time to actually go and take a class when they're in town. Or I'm out of town. So I was excited when I took my first Craftsy class and realized how easy it was to buy the class and watch it whenever I had some time, whether that's in an airport or a hotel room or a restaurant while dining alone. And that the class is mine for life!

Today is Craftsy's Quilter Appreciation Day -- there are selected classes available at up to 50% off today only. To take advantage of this offer, go to

Unfortunately, my technological sophistication does not extend to being able to make a link when I'm using my iPad, but if you cut and paste the link, it will take you directly to the sale page....

Meanwhile, I'm in Las Cruces NM, one of the most beautiful spots in the country, teaching a couple of classes at BERNINA Quilting & Design Center. The owner, Marsha, and I were talking yesterday and we think this is my fifth time teaching here, usually on this same weekend when the fall weather is just gorgeous. This is a fun, energetic shop with lots of quilts on the walls and customers in the door, so I'll post some pictures within the next day or so!

Meanwhile, I'm just getting over vacation mode -- Dan and I took a 7 night cruise of the fall foliage scenery in Maine and eastern Canada last week and just got home Monday night. (That gave me one day at home to unpack, run to the dry cleaners, do laundry and re-pack!) This was one of the pictures I took from the wine bar on Deck 6 as we left Portland ME Saturday night on our way to Boston. Gorgeous! Although Dan did give me a lot of flak about booking a cruise for the color blind guy to see the changing of the leaves!

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Location:Las Cruces NM


  1. Hi Paula :-) I was going to sign up but your class is not one of the ones on sale :-) Is it supposed to be? It appears you are going to turn me into a quilter yet.

    1. They rotate the classes on sale, so I don't know if mine was included or not. I'm determined to see you quilting, Michelle!

  2. Paula, I could not get anything to go through to craftsy using your link----don't know why...

    1. And you re-typed it into your browser? Because I tried it before I typed it into the blog and it worked. I just don't know how to make a link. Maybe I need a class on how to do this stuff on my iPad!

  3. Paula! You were in Maine??!! We don't live there anymore and I want to thank you for sharing that beautiful picture of the Maine skyline. I keep checking your schedule to see if we can bump into each other again, someday. I hope we do. I miss you!!! xxoo


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