Saturday, September 8, 2018

BabyLock Tech and the New Machine

BabyLock Tech is held every year in St. Louis. It’s a convention for BabyLock dealers to see the new machines, get a lot of really great education (I often hear from multiple line dealers that the BabyLock classes are the best available in the sewing industry) and, of course, shop the vendors.
Michelle and I were there for a week setting up the Mettler USA booth, manning the booth and tearing it down on the last day. After a more than satisfactory conclusion — Michelle sold cabinets and I booked 4 workshop sessions — we did some sight seeing.  And we got to see the new Solaris machine, sister to the Brother Lumiere. Haven’t gotten my hands on one of them yet, but I’m teaching at Hokema’s in Redding CA next week, September 13-15, and they will have one for me to play with! Of course, I’m immediately attracted to the 13” throat space — biggest in the market and exciting for quilters and machine embroiderers!

Of course, if you are in St. Louis, pics have to include the arch; this was taken at St. Louis the King Basicilica. For some reason, my blogging program will only allow me to type above a pic, but not below it, so I guess this is the end!

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