Monday, November 15, 2010

Creative Sewing -- Provo UT

I had the opportunity to visit and teach on Friday and Saturday in the new Creative Sewing Gallery of Provo store located in the charming downtown area of Provo UT.

The district has undergone quite a bit of renovation recently and has a number of interesting buildings and shops.

The picture of the autumn trees was taken right outside the front door of the store.....

...and there is a beautiful church across the street. It was starting to cloud over when this shot was taken and I was really hoping for snow, but was disappointed -- rats!

The shop has only been open a few weeks and the owners, brothers Chad, Eric & Kyle Lopez, are still getting the interior organized. They already have a complete Pfaff display up.

The notions wall is well stocked and there are bolts of quilting fabrics on hand.

This metal sculpture is located just outside of the back door of the shop; that door opens into an interior lobby of the building. Balanced on the hand of the somewhat human looking figure is a metal and glass fishbowl with small fish swimming inside -- very cool!

Out the lobby, across a small lawn and down a flight of stairs, there is a spacious empty room that is available to Creative Sewing Gallery for classes. I got to the classroom about an hour ahead of class time; all of the tables and sewing machines were already set up, so then we finished preparing for class by hanging quilts on the walls, putting kits on chairs, etc., all the things that need to be done before people arrive ready to sew!

The table above was stocked with threads, markers, scissors and all sorts of other supplies for class -- by the time this pictures was taken, a lot of the merchandise had already been purchased and hauled off to the various tables!

All of the quilts on the walls transformed a very large space into a warmer, more friendly place in which to learn and sew.

In these pictures, everyone is fluffing & stuffing their quilts to get comfortable with feeding a large quilt through a domestic machine.

There were 19 people in the class and 20 sewing machines in the room, so each person had the use of one of several different models of Brother and Pfaff machines to learn and practice on for the duration of the two day workshop. A great opportunity to try machines that are new to them and perhaps discover features that they just can't live without!

Creative Sewing Gallery of Provo is located at 26 West Center Street in Provo UT (phone: 801-691-0244)

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