Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teaching Embellishment by Machine at The Quilt Basket -- Tucson AZ

My second day at The Quilt Basket was an embellishment by machine class. This picture was taken just before class; I got to do all of my demonstrations on the BERNINA 830 above.

Most of the embellishments were done with monofilament thread in the bobbin. The only thing that you need to remember about winding monofilament on a bobbin is that you need to wind it slowly so that the nylon or polyester won't stretch as it winds. The pertinent feature on the BERNINA 820 and 830 machines is that the bobbin winding speed can be set, all the way down to 12% of normal if need be. You can also specify how full you want the bobbin; for this purpose, I set it to 50%. After winding the bobbin and threading up, I was ready for class.

This bolt of fabric from the store looked like it would be really fun to embellish; with it are some of my couching samples and the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine...

...a closeup of some of my couching and beading samples; in the morning I did a demonstration of how to couch down various threads and beads using some of the BERNINA presser feet and the dual feed feature of the 830 machine..

One of my embellished quilts was displayed in the back of the room along with needles and other supplies for class.

This is Lena Tsuruda, owner of The Quilt Basket and The Sewing Room -- another PINK girl!

Here are pictures of some of the workshop participants -- look at all the goodies that they brought to play with! Several of them had shopped at a store in town that had all sort of beads, ribbons and other trims at very low prices. They offered to take me there after class, but -- darn it -- I had a plane to catch!

Maybe next time?

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