Thursday, December 2, 2010

Temecula Quilt Company -- Temecula CA; And (I'm Sure You're Not Surprised) A Winery!

My friend Mikey and I have been taking short, 3-4 day vacations once a year for probably at least 20 years. Supposedly, we are going to visit 26 places with names representing the 26 letters of the alphabet, but since we haven't done them in any semblance of order, I don't have any idea of what letters are left, if we have duplicated any, etc. Complicating the situation is that because so many cities in California start with San or La or Santa, we've dropped those first parts from the names.

While I'm totally confused as to what's left on the list, Mikey has been faithfully keeping track all this time and I have every confidence that an accurate record of our travels resides somewhere in her condo. This year, we decided on Temecula....

Along with wineries, shopping and really good restaurants -- after all, eating at new, different places is one of the primary reasons we do this -- if there is a quilt store new to me, we will find it! I had been to Quilter's Coop in Old Town Temecula a few times before, but had never visited Temecula Quilt Company.

One of the things that really impressed us was the number of classes on the schedule on the bulletin board above, sometimes two in a day! Lots of things to keep customers busy and coming back into the store.

The shop's focus is Civil War reproduction fabrics and patterns. It's not a large shop, but space is used well to display fabric and every wall is covered with quilts in this style.

Anyone who admires or is interested in making a quilt of this type would definitely want to come to this shop....

This picture was taken over a low wall separating the main part of the store from the classroom. You are looking at the back wall of the classroom and all the quilts hung there. Temecula Quilt Company was featured as one of the 10 shops in the Quilt Shop Sampler magazine last year and I would be willing to hazard a guess that it was chosen because of the number of quilts on display.

Getting ready for customers, cutting fat quarters and smiling! One of the ladies was using a pair of electric scissors to cut the fabric; at first, it was funny to hear the "buzz" of the scissors rather than the softer sound of a rotary's really fast, though, she was getting a lot of fabric cut!

More gorgeous quilts on the walls....

Temecula Quilt Company is located at 33353 Temecula Parkway, #103, in Temecula CA (phone: 951-302-1469). To visit their website, click here; to visit their blog (which has pictures of their applique block of the month), click here.

One of the wineries we went to today was Wilson Creek, known for their Almond Champagne as well as other varietals. This picture is of a very large building near the tasting room. They do a lot of events here, so this is probably the building that houses the ballroom and other large rooms for weddings and the other occasions that they cater and provide rental space for.

At left is a shot over the vineyards which are dry and done for the season....

 right is the bridge over Wilson Creek leading to another scenic area on the winery grounds.

I liked the grape cluster pattern etched, or imprinted, into the cement under our feet near the bridge.

What I bought: A bottle of the almond champagne, which is amazing with Mardi Gras king cake! And a couple of packages of funny Christmas party napkins.

Unfortunately, the restaurant where we wanted to have dinner tonight has closed, so in about a half hour, we'll be off on a search for yet another yummy meal! We're going back to our respective homes tomorrow, so we have to make this a really good one for our last evening in Temecula!


  1. What a fun girls trip. I love it...quilt shopping and winery tours. My kinda trip. Love your 26 trip idea too. If you are looking for "E" be sure to go to Cozy Quilt Shop in El Cajon. I'll be curious what you find for X, Y and Z.


  2. Yreka in northern CA covers the Y, but you're right about X and Z and maybe Q? Is there a La Quinta that's a place and not a hotel? LOL

  3. La Quinta is in the Palm Desert area. Two great quilting shops, incredible places to eat (Jillian's is yummy).

    Met you at the Palm Desert Guild a few years back. Took two great classes from you at Road (sat between Vicky and my friend Nickie).

    Quilter's Faire (they have a website)
    Located behing Sam's Club - Monterey freeway exit
    Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations - Washington exit off the freeway.

    Pretty boutique hotels, regular huge hotels, the La Quinta hotel has beautiful grounds and is very quaint and "old Palm Springs style)

    Perfect spot for a weekend getaway!

    Marilyn Smith

  4. I really like the grape sidewalk detail, might make some amazing trapunto!


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