Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happy UFO New Year to All!

No, this isn't about alien abductions and mother ships; it's about my New Year's resolution to attack the pile of UnFinished Objects in my sewing room and get some things finished in 2011....

I've been challenged by my JAM group to roust 'em out, count 'em up and see how many I can get done this year......what's your New Year's goal? Finish things? Exercise more? Spend more time with loved ones? Please share......


  1. I also have a UFO project goal. Especially since I'm pregnant and due in June, I want to finish at least a few of my UFOs before I start tackling sewing baby stuff. I am proud to say that the free motion handprint quilt I keep talking about when you are here only needs the binding now...if I can find the fabric for it.

  2. I thought about making this resolution this year, just like I have done for the last four years but thought better of it. Maybe if I don't make it, I will actually finish some things. Haha...we will see! My biggest one this year is to embroider more.

  3. To embroider more is a good one as I have started the Floral Visions quilt and hope to finish it up this year.

  4. I got quite a few ufo's knocked out last year and intend to do the same this. Good luck with yours! Happy New Year!


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