Monday, January 3, 2011

A Few Inches of Snow!

We don't get a lot of snow in the Antelope Valley -- after all, we are in north Los Angeles County! But there was snow in the forecast yesterday down to about the 2,000 foot level, which means Acton, Santa Clarita and other southern California communities should have had some as well. The weather guys said we would get about 6 inches and they were right on.....

Here's a picture taken from the sliding door in my kitchen -- really different from the one I took the other day!

We get some pretty spectacular weather around here and it's fun to take the pictures and review them once in a while, preferably in the summer when it's 110 degrees!

Dan was in the San Fernando Valley yesterday installing a computer system, so I had a "sew day" working on the first of the UFOs that I had pulled aside for attention. This one was a kit that I had purchased at a quilt show in San Marcos CA in fall of 2009. Unfortunately, the directions had a major error in that the panel blocks were to be cut first and they were cut 1/2" smaller than the pieced blocks measured when completed. So I had to spend some time slivering off 1/4" from each side of each pieced block. Bless the person who invented the 12-1/2" square ruler!

Today's plan
is to sew the blocks into a quilt top and then trudge through the snow to Dawna's house to pick up the bolt of border fabric that she thoughtfully brought home from the shop last night. The fabric provided in the kit would work if I wanted to cut the borders across the width of the fabric, but I like to cut my borders lengthwise so the kit fabric will be pieced into the quilt back.

Dawna and I went through my kits last week and she pulled this one out because they had ordered that line and there was additional fabric in the shop if I needed it -- smart girl that she is! The fabrics and panel are from the Poetic Blossoms line, designed by Lisa Audit for Wilmington Prints.

Should get this top done today and then back to work on the anniversary quilt that my friend Paula Fleischer made for her parents. I've been finished with everything except the background sky area for a couple of months at least, but just can't make that final decision! Hopefully, tomorrow is the day to bite the bullet and make up my mind...

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